American Sculptor of Dance: Sterett-Gittings Kelsey
"What Degas Might Have Done" "This essay proposes that if Degas is accepted as the undisputed Master Painter of Dance__specifically Ballet__ then the subject's undisputed Master Sculptor is Sterett-Gittings Kelsey" (see critiques) Choreographically correct and brilliantly executed in bronze, Kelsey gives us the essence of dance and must now be considered as a member of the Art World's Aristocracy.

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  'To imbue each figure with an independent spirit, implied movements and an imagined soul is the challenge. It is this essence of dance captured in bronze, that gives a work of art intergenerational life. It is what sculpture is all about.. I believe that sculpture in the hands of a Master, should speak directly to the soul of man, as do the most moving works of Shakespeare or the most tender notes of Mozart."  Sterett-Gittings  Kelsey



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